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Submit the following types of ads to ALL 127 Partner Sites:

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Total Ad ExplosionMembership Types:Total Ad Explosion

(prices subject to change as our Partner Sites grow)

Membership Type Member Benefits
Personal Referral Commissions ONLY Pays on Personal Referral Purchases - 1-TIER ONLY!!!
Monthly Membership Fee
FREE MEMBER No purchase necessary. Just purchase ads as you need them. Earn 20% on all Personal Referral purchases. You do NOT need to be a Paid Member in order to receive commissions. 1-TIER ONLY!!! FREE
BASIC MEMBER Basic Members automatically receive a monthly ad-pack of 2 Solos, 2 Login Ads, 2 Banners, 2 Button Banners, 2 Traffic Links and 2 Hot Links. Basic Members earn 30% commissions on all Personal Referral Purchases. 1-TIER ONLY!!! $9.95/mo.

PRO MEMBER Pro Members automatically receive a monthly ad-pack of 4 Solos, 4 Login Ads, 4 Banners, 4 Button Banners, 4 Traffic Links, and 4 Hot Links. Pro Members earn 40% commissions on all Personal Referral Purchases. 1-TIER ONLY!!! $19.95/mo

GOLD MEMBER Gold Members automatically receive a monthly ad-pack of 6 Solos, 6 Login Ads, 6 Banners, 6 Button Banners, 6 Traffic Links, and 6 Hot Links.
Gold Members receive a 50% commission on all Personal Referral Purchases. 1-TIER ONLY!!! $29.95/mo.

Please keep in mind, you will see the 
FASTEST RESULTS from our Solo Ads within 24 to 72 hours. 

ALL other types of ads will take a great deal more time, as we're talking about 100 views/clicks times 130+ Sites!


Submit 1 Banner Ad to 130 Sites with 100 Views = 13,000 Views

We're talking about a TON of traffic for a GREAT PRICE!!!


TotalAdExplosion Commissions Pays ONLY on Personal Referral Purchases - 1-TIER ONLY!!!

Free Members do NOT need to make a purchase in order to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.


Members may also purchase ads as they need them:

Type of Ad: Price: Price: Price:
Solo Ads 1 Solo Ad = $10.00 5 Solo Ads = $25.00 10 Solo Ads = $35.00
Banner Ads 1 Banner w/100 Views = $4.95 5 Banners w/100 Views = $20.00 10 Banners w/100 Views = $30.00
Button Ads 1 Button Ad w/100 Views = $4.95 5 Button Ads w/100 Views = $20.00 10 Banners w/100 Views = $30.00
Hot Links 1 Hot Link w/100 Views = $4.95 5 Hot Links w/100 Views = $20.00 10 Hot Links w/100 Views = $30.00
Traffic Links 1 Traffic Link w/100 Views = $4.95 5 Traffic Links w/100 Views = $20.00 10 Traffic Links w/100 Views = $30
Login Ads (600x300) 1 Login Ad w/100 Views = $4.95 5 Login Ads w/100 Views = $20.00 10 Login Ads w/100 Views = $30



 Your Ads Sent To ALL 

Of These Parter Sites 

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127 Partner Sites - With 74,120 Total Member Count

Shooting Stars BlueDiamondAdExchange Traffic Rodeo
Dragons Lair Text Ads Colored In Rainbow Adz QVAS Ad Exchange
Traffic Works Text Ads Featured Text Ads Solo Chords
Kundu-drum Handsup Traffic The Solo Note
Fast Ads 4 U Paradise Ads Blazing Hot Ad Exchange
Solo Blast papparadzzi adz Good Fortune Advertising
Potter Text Ads Daily Ad Resopnse Great Wall Text Ads
Looney Adz My Power Adz Power Solos
Celebration Solos Text Ad Jungle TASE Mordor Rising Ad Exchange
Cats Meow Ads Affordable Ads Gold Star
e*Share Text Ads Moonlighting Text Ads Cash Flow Solos
Ad Zone Central My Friendly Ads Panda Bear Traffic
Powerline Text Ads Want Traffic Now Key To Success
JV Partner Magic Money Ads Music Mania
Sizzling Text Ads Evolution Ads Beach Day Ads
Golden Goose The Top Ad Mystical Text Ads
Performance Driven Solos Hits To Infinity Business Adverts
Text Ads World Mermaid Adz 123 Leapfrog
Active Text Ads Real Time Resdiual Traffic Gilligans Text Ads
Right There Traffic Ads On Fire Article Marketing Tools Exchange
Promo Palace Adz Sweeties Advertising Matrix Supers
Video Marketing Tools Exchange Zoo Traffic Ads Supreme Surf Mailer
Ads That Work The Cats Meow Cashout Adz
Simple Text Adz Tiger Text Adz Crazy Solos And Text Ads
Ultimate Team Profits Blast The Ads Traffic Persuasion
Promotionalads Text Ads Factory Targeted Ads
Candidsolos First-Alert-Adz AdzInvasion
Devilish Ads Black Hawk Down Ads Ad2Clix
Mad Money Solos Monster Ads Rockin Solos
Platinum Text Ads Twilight Adz Solo Ads Xtreme
Superior Ad Exchange Down Under Ad Exchange Incredible Ad Exchange
Solo Ads For You Traffic Comet Text Ads Capricorn Text Ads
Gemini Text Ads Hog Heaven Ads Dragon BallZ AdZ
DirectAds Worldwide Lift Off Ads Coffee Break Ads
Driving Traffic 2 U Super Max Ads Web's Best Lists
Country Roads Ads Cash Castle Ads Zoned For Ads
Solo Ad Center Prime Time Text Ads Iced Text Ads
Text Ad Dreams Blast Off Text Ads Blazing Hot Solos
Marketer's Paradise Traffic Junction Sun Flower Advertising
Wizzy's Surf House Elite Text Ads Stage Exchange Text Ads
The Traffic Doctor QuickCashSolos Liftoff Ads
Millionaire Solos Paradise Ads



Members & Partner Admins are NOT allowed to use their Total Ad Explosion ads to promote through THIS site. If you want to promote your Total Ad Explosion Affiliate Link on a partner site, you must be a member of that partner site and use any ads from THAT site. Any Member or Admin Partner who still attempts to promote their Total Ad Explosion Affiliate Link through THIS site will be removed and banned from this site. 

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